show me what you got

Test Manager Nightmare Have you ever met your project manager in the kitchen, with a rough look, who asked you about the Test Status? Did you see “Get Schwifty” episode of Rick and Morty cartoon? Big Head come and ask to show something you don’t know what and if you lose the planet will be destroyed. I am head of QA in our company and I always get stuck then Big Boss find me not on my workplace, ask about progresses and his look said, what live on our planet depends on it.

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testing vs checking

Save time on Checking - Do More QA There are a lot of discussions about difference between checking and testing; checking is something we can do using tools, automated tests, but testing - more general activity, we need a human mind here. And nowadays it became more and more important to be adaptive, think generally. Test engineer should think not about one particular feature, but about integration of this feature into the product.

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